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Suggestion: Small Revisions to Sortie Structure for more Engagement and Cooperation


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There is an emergent behavior with public sorties that I would consider negatively. This is essentially that groups don't stay together and instead of waiting to see if people want to continue, its most common to just leave and join a new random group. This is possibly due to some of the weapon-specific restrictions on some of the special conditions, but it has become most peoples go-to regardless of that condition being present.

Though co-operation is core to the game in theory it's becoming less and less important over time for a few reasons. Some of that is due to game-modes themselves and I think that the other side is the shift from CC to damage in the overall meta.

What I would like to suggest is that Sorties could become a bit more co-operative and require a bit more planning with some very small changes.

Mainly, I suggest making the 3 missions into a chain of missions to bo completed in succession without an opportunity to change your loadout. So as one mission ends you will just load into the next. I want to acknowledge that this is an unprecedented flow in the game so far and may be more of a technical challenge than it appears. 

This would essentially make the collection of all the conditions apply to your choice of loadout, if mission 2 is a shotgun only mission you need to have one equipped for all of them. If there is a spy you should be prepared for that too, that could be mitigated by organizing a group as well leaving others to be prepared for other scenarios like defense etc.

Another part of my suggestion is to have more conditions at a time. If all 3 missions where to be connected, having an overall condition along with the individual ones would be interesting. Adding more than one condition to the individual missions would be great too. An option here might be to have no added condition to mission 1, just the overall sortie condition, then add one to mission 2 and have 2 conditions on mission 3 along with the overall one.

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