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Which ability to add to vauban



Im a vauban main and have been trying to think of which helminth ability to add in place of photon strike. A little information first about my vauban build. I normally dont use Bastille/vortex unless on specific mission types. I run a max str and duration build for my flechettes, with negative range, since the flechettes dont need range at all, and can handle almost all, non-endurance content. So for my flechette build, what subsumed ability should I add? Also, I use overdrive mine as well, which gives a hefty 54% damage bonus to my flechettes for around 50 seconds. I wasnt sure if this bonus can stack with other damage buffs.

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Dispensary is always fun. With max strength and duration, it'll churn out drops at a decent rate. It won't really add to your ability to crowd control or DPS but will support you and your team's endurance.

Alternatively, it seems that Vauban's Overdrive is not included on the list of damage buff abilities, so if you wanted to add Roar or something it should work just fine.

EDIT: Fire Blast or Thermal Sunder would be good candidates for debuffing but negative range really hurts them. Breach Surge could possibly amplify the damage of your Flechette Orb over an area, supposing the scaling damage transfers over to Breach Surge's sparks.

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