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Spectra Vandal Acquisition


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I'm aware that the following problem is not exactly a bug of sorts, but should definitely be looked into.


Since Spectra Vandal was made available to drop through Railjack missions, more specifically through abandoned Orokin Derelict Towers in the Veil Proxima, there were always certain conditions surrounding the farm, which would make its aquisition a lot more annoying - and also hard for that matter- than it actually should be. Now, I'm not asking for a major increase in drop chance %, but a change to the way one can actually get a hold of this weapon.


My current method is to select the mission Ruse War Field within the Veil Proxima since this node has proven (might only be personal experience) to be the only one that can actually spawn an abandoned Derelict in the first place. That of course is far from guaranteed though. Next up the Derelict has got to be one that can actually be entered and then there also needs to appear a console that can be hacked, otherwise it will just be containers and lockers that can be opened. Those of course don't drop any Spectra Vandal parts.


According to the Wiki (I assume that information has been taken from the official drop tables) it should be possible to get as many as three rotations of drops per Derelict. But everytime I can get a console to spawn it's only just that one console and nothing else.


So, to quickly recap:

- get a Derelict to spawn (first instance of RNG) that can be entered (second instance of RNG)

- get a console that can be hacked (third instance of RNG, spawn chance should be 100% when in fact it is not)

- get more than one console to spawn (fourth instance of RNG but I guess the spawn % is close to 0; so virtually impossible)


... and then you might get ONE out of FOUR Spectra Vandal parts (drop chance for one of those is 8.6%).


Look, I'm really sorry I was taking a break from the game when the event took place where you could casually drop Spectra Vandal as a reward, I really am (lol). But now I'd like to finally get this weapon, but at this point there's just so much RNG stacked on top of RNG that I'm asking myself whether or not I should actually continue trying to farm for the parts. Now, I will say it's definitely not impossible since I already managed to drop 2 of the parts needed (of course that's by having really, really good luck) so the drop chance % per part is definitely fine. But having to farm that much for a single console to appear is not fine, especially since a total of 3 per Derelict should be possible, that is something that should be looked into!


Thank you very much for your time, I really hope you'll consider making this farm a little bit easier and maybe even migrate Spectra Vandal away from Railjack mission altogether (Deimos Vaults would be an amazing pick as a drop location hint hint 😉).

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