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Performance Fixes?



Hey, thanks for reading.

I started playing Warframe in April 2019 (to give an idea of where the game was at graphics-wise) on an HP Laptop, AMD A9-9425 Radeon R5 Processor, 8GB RAM. Gameplay wasnt Amazing, maybe 20fps, but that's what I was used to, it didn't feel Bad. In fact, I was amazed a game as massive and beautiful as Warframe could run as well as it did on my dinky laptop. Here, in October 2020, I can't play anymore, averaging maybe 7-12fps. I burnt myself out on the game and I havent played for a few months, but I think I noticed this begin to happen when they remade the Orbiter interior and started implementing "graphics fixes". I'd like to get back into it, but it's almost unplayable at the moment, given my situation.

Does anyone have any tips to get my fps back up? It doesnt have to be a drastic change, getting back to 20fps would be more than acceptable. Please do not suggest I buy a new computer. I am KEENLY aware this would fix my problems, but I can't afford a new computer at the moment (I can barely afford necessities, let me play my free game on my cheap laptop in peace). Just recently I updated all my drivers, ran CCleaner, defragged my computer, ran several virus scans, cleared out all my %temp% files, edited what programs I allow to run in the background, and disabled useless startup programs. None of these made a dramatic difference on my fps, I still experience choppy and sluggish gameplay. And before I forget, all of my in-game display settings are as low as possible. I'm open to any suggestions regarding additional PC cleaning techniques, programs to streamline processes; anything you think might smooth things out.

Thanks in advance, Tenno

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