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Conquera Syandana not being able to be colored


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As the title says i want to ask this: The Conquera Syandana can't be color customized is that a bug or not? 

I brought it yesterday, i love the design and i support the cause it was made. Today i try it to see how it fit my warframe, and when i use it it's pink. It's exactly as in this image:


It has the color customization slots but it doesn't change the colors of the Syandana. Therefor i ask: Is this a bug or not? I understand that the Syandana is in commemoration of this event and that the color pink is for the type of decease and the women that sadly must struggle with that problem in their life. I just want to know if the default colors are the only ones it accept. Thanks in advance for the answers and have a good weekend :D

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Thanks for the answers. I got many and the forum didn't told me :(

Yes, the pink got a signification, so does the ribbon. Probably because of that can't be colored. To have the option jut dangling there and don't be able is kinda sad, but understable :/

In any case if it's a bug it has been reported, if not okay with that too :)

Thanks and have a good week :D

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