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Unable to claim Imprint

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Receive "Unknown Error" any time i try to claim my imprint. Did one this is number 2 of 3 for my smeeta kavat, The first one had no issue, but now I cannot claim the second or create an imprint of any of my other companions. Has been like this for a week or two, have tried a bunch of different things to try get it to work but it needs dev intervention it would seem.





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1 minute ago, NinjaZeku said:

Dunno if this helps in any way, but just earlier today I made and claimed two (Vasca) Imprints from my Smeeta,
so FWIW, it seems to be a problem specific to your account rather than a current general issue.

its a common issue that many people have had for years, lots of reports, no fixes. and like i said, ive imprinted before.

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