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Kuva fortress Door wont open upon activation (with video link)


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(this is my first ever post so I apologize if I'm not following some sort of template or giving enough information)

While doing a Requiem relic, I had this frustrating bug where the door and collision detection wont update for you. I'm not sure if I can replicate this but I joined a session in progress my teammates had to finish the mission by themselves as I was locked out so if I was alone id have to abort. Kuva liches are already very difficult thing for me due to the time and resource grind I need to do in order to be able to at least complete a level in a team.

- I tried checking to see the tile was one of the ones where there is an alternative route underneath but that wasn't the case. (1:47)

- You can see at a section of the video where one of the players phase through the door. (3:04)

- there is an audio cue of the door opening but nothing actually happening (3:20)

- teammate can be seen phase through the door (3:29)

Luckily, action replay had my back: https://youtu.be/awz8bPlQspU 

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