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Nightwave act completion without gaining any standing. Blatant, prevelant 'bug' DE refuses to fix. How many times has this happened to you?


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So three times within a week I've completed a nightwave act without receiving any standing. The first time you think to yourself "oh it's OK, it'll fix itself when I log in next time. Then it doesn't. The second time you look online and see it's been happening to people, for years, with no tangible feedback from DE. The third time you think, yeah, this is quite a disgusting mess that seems designed to infuriate players, only after holding them back of course! There's no such thing as a free lunch, and the same thing applies to free nightwave standing. I mean why would they actually fix it if it doesn't involve plat?

I stopped playing roughly a year ago, though I remember this happening back then too.  Admittedly I didn't invest as heavily as I'm trying to since I came back roughly two weeks ago, though that should be a pointless statement.

Could I humbly ask the community

             Has this ever happened to you? If so, speak up.

The easiest way to know is if you've just received the rewards for your current standing level, done a mission, then are still at 0/10000 or wherever you were after getting the reward. The last time I was denied standing was after doing the "complete 5 different bounty missions in the orb of valais". I looked and I'm currently sitting at 1510/10000. It's cool because that took me roughly 2 hours for nothing!

I genuinely hope DE sees this and fixes their despicably flawed system, but If I were to hold my breath for an actual solution, I'd probably die a few million times.

What a joke.


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