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Support For Corpus, And Dialogue Between Corpus, And Grineer!


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So I took the time to get some screen shots of the dialogue which knowing Alad V. He wouldn't lie about the Tenno Anatomy because... well... they did dissect us to make advanced tech for the better of all those in the solar system.

(The many outweigh the few -Star Trek)


But really DE...



I HAVE NO EYES!? WHAT!? (Proof were not human)


Also Nobody wants to be a slave... fight for freedom! Fight for the Colonies!



Even Lotus agrees


lol... I am sure you grineer followers get the same dialogue from lotus so oh well on that one...




The fight for freedom is not a worthless cause! Continue fighting for the Corpus! We fight for the people. We are their hope! We are their only hope for freedom! Do not fight for Corpus for the money... Fight... Fight for them for freedom... for the babies... fight for the children... fight for the future!


To those who support grineer you fight to enslave babies, and children... the blood of those babies are on your hands! The Blood of the people of Mars were spilled by your hands! Now children will become slaves! You have shattered the hopes of the people who looked up to you. We should be fighting together against the grineer threat! Against Slavery! and instead... FIGHT FOR FREEDOM!!!

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