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Mastery Sigil Bug (Fixed)

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Just letting you know that there seems to be something wrong with the legacy mastery rank sigil, which now shows a monocolored square instead of the old design or the new design.

I know the new update change the MR sigils, but it seems like this one , at least isn't working as intended. Tried resetting all parameters to default and the colors to default, but no matter how I tweak the sigil, it still loooks like a monocolored square.

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I came specifically to post this. I use it on a few frames and my operator and mine also are just one color squares now, no matter which colors I make the sigil. So I just have huge flat rectangles instead of cool-looking glowing sigils now lol

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  • [DE]Danielle changed the title to Mastery Sigil Bug (Investigating)
  • [DE]Danielle changed the title to Mastery Sigil Bug (Fixed)

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