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Heart of Deimos: Hotfix: 29.2.4: NIGHTS OF NABERUS!

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Marked for death was never overpowered, the range and line of sight restrictions have seen to that. Instead of punishing people for finding a use for this ability outside of your narrow vision, promote the playstyle you want by buffing it. You want it to be used primarily on heavy targets? Make it so it has more range when used on something like a heavy gunner. With your changes you made it basically stupid to use in a team setting where other people are also trying to kill. And no, damage dealt has never meant the same thing as health removed. The ability reads damage dealt, so it should be that.

Dont punish players for finding ways to use this ability that you did not envision, revert the nerfs and then look at constructive ways of encouraging the envisioned use. As long as MfD cant kill the targets in its AoE reliably, it will never be worth putting on a frame.

You "fixed" mods applying twice but not armor applying twice, which in turn also greatly reduced the resulting slash proc. So much for DOTs being the "envisioned" use for this ability. The vision DE has for this ability right now seems to be for it to be worthless garbage, never to be used in any good way.

Please, please, please make it do what the description says again: make it transfer actual damage dealt (which has always included overkill damage, the damage numbers are not for nothing i hope) instead of health removed. The ability wasnt even too strong when it came out but it should atleast be strong. Afterall it is locked behind a high rank in the helminth system, which you intended for experienced players. Yet you treat us with such a garbage ability.

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vor 4 Minuten schrieb [DE]Rebecca:

Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse ability not functioning properly with Deferred Rendering enabled. As detailed here! 

  •  A sharp-eyed Tenno noticed a change with Eclipse's damage bonus using our new Enhanced Graphics engine setting, and it turns out Mirage had us all under an illusion. Eclipse changes its effect intensity based on how bright (or dark) your current location is. The game calculates the brightness by considering all the light sources that are affecting you.  The problem... Under the Enhanced Graphics engine, lighting is handled in a different way than the Classic way we've been using for years. So while playing Landscape missions the sunlight was not being included in the intensity. What looked like bright open ground lit by the sun was, as far as the game is concerned internally, gloomy and overcast. This will be fixed such that the Eclipse ability will consider the real-time sunlight under the Enhanced renderer. We cannot guarantee that the results will be exactly the same using the two equations, but any difference should be negligible.


Why not just let it be at full value at all times? There is no way of knowing where light actually gives the full effect. Or atleast show us the actual value in real time without reverse calculating damage numbers.

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Amp models are still broken. Every brace except for Clapkra is tilted clockwise noticeably, all the scaffolds are tilted by varying degrees, and all the prisms seem to be a bit too far forward. Over a year ago, you said you would work on fixing rotation on a piece by piece basis. Shortly after, a hotfix rotated the Fortuna amps to make them face forwards, and Fortuna scaffolds were no longer sideways, but this also broke the Cetus scaffolds as well. Since then, there have been no changes. Are there any plans to fix those?

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Thx for Hotfix

Bruh still no fix for Vome and Fass Residue being unaffected by Booster andf Charm Buff. Just why?!?!?!?


Hmm okay i' already done with Naberus Shop... What a dissapointment i'd rather wanting to do plague star earning some formas till event ends but here???? I dont have these option and buying countless contagion doesnt seem that worthwhile tbh... :/
Seriously DE why did you remove Formas??? It's something the game is all about and we have barely have the chance to get some ( i exclude fissures here since u get only Forma BP's which take 23h to build, i speak about crafted ones)
And with the dynamic in changes formaing your gear is always a thing so again why isnt it availabe in the shop????

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