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[Lore Question] Who Are The Mars Colonists?


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So we have two choices:


1. Fight the Corpus and potentially rescue sleeping Tenno from torture and experementation.

2. Fight the Grineer and free/defend innocent colonists


Now we this seems like a classic ethical dilemma, however there are two _big_ questions:


1. Who are the colonists

2. What is the purpose of the Tenno


Who are the colonists? Well the can't be Grineer but the question si: are there an post-humans in the system that are _not_ either Grineer or Corpus? I was under the impression that everyone (certianly everyone we see) was either in the employ of part of the Corpus or a Grineer clone. Now I accept that some of the Corpus employees are most likely "non-combat" but are there truly any "free" people in the sol system at all?


What is the purpose of the Tenno: _If_ the colonists are free non-Corpus individuals then there is a case that can be made that the Tenno may well exist to protect them (Certainly we are _some_ form or military force) indeed we may have made oaths to lay down our lives in the protection of innocents, if that is the case then we can assume that the sleeping Tenno would have made a similar vow and thus would prefer that we protect the innocent at all costs


However, _if_ our purpose is orthogonal to the protection of innocents (perhaps we were simply the Orokin secret police, or simply the organised survivors of infested Earth) given the pressure on our numbers and the forces arrayed against us we must recover our brother and sisters, and prevent their Warframes falling into enemy hands.


This all hinges on these supposed "innocents" who are they? More Corpus stooges or the free people of Mars? 

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Quick fix:

Siding with the grineer means freeing your tenno brothers

Siding with the corpus means stopping the further advancement of the grineer conquest, and possibly freeing these martians. 


Perhaps the martian colonists are not actually corpus civilians, but a free race who have agreed to let the corpus setup bases on their land in exchange for their freedom/sovereignty? 

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