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Pieces are auto-filling when they are placed or copied in dojo


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Further testing- About 70% of pieces tested auto-fill when placed, if the clan member has the 'Use clan resources' flag turned on in clanrank. Founders can not turn this flag off, so building has become much harder. You can not do temporary layouts and come back to them later. Also discovered all polychromes when placed, are auto-filled. This makes testing light changes very expensive, since there is also a bug that will not allow you to remove a 'filled' polychrome. If you drop one, it is going to cost you, and no way to change your mind.

 I get that dojo's are not considered 'important' but the list of bugs and the horrible lighting and shadows, hit detection on pieces, just keep getting longer. I have no idea why more people don't seem to post about the issues. I turn in support tickets, they tell me to post here, I post here, nothing gets done. It is frustrating. 

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