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Enemy Level Glitch On Event?


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When selecting the current alert/even mission going solo, it displays enemy levels of 18-20. Upon arrival I find I am fighting level 45 units with a large majority being heavy units. Going ash with some health/shield mods doesn't help as my allies die around me, with myself being murdered by two (I think, they fire fast) shots from one of the grineer miter troops. To make a long story short, I am being destroyed. Is this intentional?

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Level display is still showing the normal mission enemy rank, not the event one, which is confusing (hint: don't bring low-rank weapons with you, as heavies will not even flinch from your underpowered pew-pew X_x)


It seems that the deeper we go into Mars, the more heavy troops spawn. It is getting really disheartening when you open a door and find only elite/heavy troops (Eviscerator, Torcher, Napalm and Heavy Gunner) with only 2-3 light or medium troops around them. How you gonna deal with 8+ Napalm at the same time if the initial blast of one alone is already enough to collapse your entire shield and rip a small hole into your HP pool? I don't mind having to face level 40-45 medium units with a few random heavies thrown into the mix, but pretty much every dude is a heavy.


And then comes the buffed Stalker to add insult to injury XD

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