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Foundry UI Rework\Redesign

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Don't you think the current Foundry UI in the game is too inconvenient ? Has anyone ever used tabs at the top? It's faster and easier to find something by searching!
Stop putting up with it!!!))0))
I'm giving my redesign to foundry which has one of the most important features there is a place for favorite items! There are also sub tabs, weapons and warframe!
I also added two radiobutton. The first one displays only those items that have enough resources and can be crafted! The second one displays only those items that match your rank (<=)warframe_REforge.png

so what do you think about this? Leave feedback, together we will make the perfect foundry UI redesign!
(yandex translate)

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While this Foundry rework idea has some potential upgrades to the current Foundry system, I am not a fan of the current iteration of this Foundry rework idea.


I like the idea of a 'Favourites' Foundry tab, for sure.


I like the idea of 'Ready To Build' as a toggleable 'radiobutton', rather than as a Foundry tab.


The size of this Foundry rework idea's tiles and text are, in my opinion, too small. My eyesight is not great, thus making small text difficult to read. This is one of the reasons that I also dislike the current end-of-mission UI screen, as all the mission rewards are contained in tiny tiles, in tiny text.


I do NOT like the idea of any nested Foundry tabs. Nesting (sub tabs, for instance) is bad - more clicks to arrive at the same result takes more time, and is also bad.


I do NOT like the idea of hiding and removing the crafting costs from the main Foundry screen. The current Foundry handles this perfectly - why suggest downgrading the UI in this way?


I use every single Foundry tab currently, either with a mouse or using N and M to tab left and right, respectively, through the Foundry tabs. It is NOT always faster and easier to find what one is searching for, exclusively with a search bar.
When mining, for instance, using the Mining tab to refine the raw mining materials is far easier than searching each one individually.
I have the legacy fishing tools blueprints, so the Fishing tab is also very useful to me for the same reason.
I am crafting every combination of all the modular items in the game, so the current Modular tab is very useful to me.
The Keys tab has 2 purposes - Dragon Keys, and Mutalist Salad V Assassinate Keys. These keys could be incorporated into another tab, such as the Miscellaneous tab.
As each item that appears in the Appearance tab may only be crafted once, there is little reason to have this tab. Into the Miscellaneous tab those items go.

Additionally, there is a search bar/Foundry tab interaction that might be lost here in the process of transitioning from the current Foundry UI to this reworked version - the ability to use the search function solely within a Foundry tab. For example:



Carrying over this functionality would be very important, at least for the purposes of what I use the Foundry for.


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As a Console player

I don't really use the 'Cursor' to move between tabs, instead I tend to hit R1 L1 to turn the pages.

So functionally, this isn't of any benefit to me.

Bear in mind that Console players do Not Like having to click on drop menus. Because our Cursor is very annoying to use. (analog Joysticks make aiming that cursor into a mini-game)

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