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Show Off What You Do To Your Day Of The Dead Weapon Skin Packs And Halloween Colour Pickers.


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I am surprised. Not one thread mention of the Halloween stuffs released with the event yet.(Unless I am mistaken.) Also, wondering if there will be a Halloween event next week, or maybe an event soon about buying the colour picker and using it.


So I love the new colour picker(I don't have plats for the skins. D8 ). It gives more vibrancy/creativity to the current warframes. Why do I say so? 





Practically every Nova player were using that colour scheme(Kudos to the person who started the trend.) I kinda liked it at first, until I realised it wasn't all that unique after all.


But now, we have....




She looks like a devil with that hot red. I saw another with a black and red theme too.


And this,


Yes it's mine. Shameless plug ftw. Pumpkin colour.


And oh I love my Carrier.


Look guys, a bloody flying creepy eye!


Anyways, I hope to see more :D Post away.


Edit: Oh...just saw one requesting for the screenshots of the weapon skins. My bad haha. Should've continued there.

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