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Invisible Space Battle


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Love most of the art for the new event. Just one issue:


We get to see into space, and there's oddly nothing out of the ordinary there. With thousands of ships battling eachother for control of each sector, there should be some sort of serious combat in the skybox, right? Instead it's all just sort of staring off into space.


Very weird.

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I'd be more surprised if the Grineer or the Corpus had starships the size of planets. Remember compared to a planet spaceships are incredibly tiny (unless it's the deathstar)

Planets? Have you ever watched the space shuttle go up, or the International Space Station go by? Even tiny, tiny things at huge distances, can be seen through the atmosphere. With no atmosphere at all(these are battles in outer space!), there should be at least flickering lights dancing around in the distance. Considering the number of ships involved and the amount of area each battle covers, there should be quite a few ships closer than "flickering lights", and considering the size of these things, (think about how miniscule our mantid delivery ships are on the intro!), they should be sizeable even at great distances. It's a clash of 2 mighty armadas, and for us, it looks like an isolated incident.

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