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Asking for a Friend: Appealing a Excessive Ban



First off, I don't really know where to post this, so if there is a better place to post I'm all ears!

Second, I know about the warframe support ticket and my friend has already gotten a response from them.

My friend is a massive s*** poster and has problems irritating people. Recently he got banned from warframe until 2035 or something ridiculous like that.

What happened is he was watching videos about how some warframe moderators abuse their power and decided to say "Trump 2020 B)" in general and got kicked, whatever. If that was the end of it I wouldn't care. He started saying that the moderators were abusing their power and that they shouldn't kick him and shouldn't ban the nezah phrase. "You know the one"

As a result got banned to 2035 for hate speech. Now, I'm not arguing that what he did was in the right, but I think a ban until 2035 was excessive. I've been playing with him for years and I've seen far worse in general chat. People typically get banned just from chat from a while or heck I'll even accept a one to two month ban from warframe. This though is entirely unwarranted reaction and the first ban he's ever gotten. I think this is unfair and sets a dangerous precedent that someone who has spent thousands of hours and love in this game can get a 2035 ban for something so tame. 

He has already sent a support ticket and got denied for hate speech. This is no where near hate speech. If anyone wants to see the chat that they banned him for I can post if messaged. I really want to play with him again in mission and think this was an over reaction to such a small thing. Sorry if this is messy I not too experienced in posting.

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Sadly we can't really do anything here.

That being said your friend must do support ticket. If it was refused well thats it.

But being banned for hate speech is not an easy task. 

Basically if your friend was arguing that he wants to keep saying the classic "Nezah" phrase and got banned for it maybe he should think about it a little more.

Tell me do you really thing its not that big of a deal too ?

Its a game is it really a place for politics , racism , sexism and transphobia  or just a place to lets say ... play a game ?


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Unfortunately as suspensions are considered a private matter, users are not allowed to appeal the suspensions of others or contact DE support on behalf of the suspended users. Your friend will need to contact DE's Customer Support with a support ticket to resolve the issue.

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