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PS4 Heart of Deimos: Interim: Hotfix #2

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On 2020-10-16 at 12:33 PM, (PS4)Jetz_Andy said:

There's a bug currently going on where if you equip the spinneret (spider web ephemera), it gets stuck to all your warframes regardless of having it equipped or not. 

There's another bug where if you bought the naberus ephemera from daughter, it doesn't appear at all in your inventory. It also isn't able to be worn as it doesn't show up anywhere. Not even if you restart the game.

I think the naberus ephemera bought from daughter is a blueprint. You might want to check your foundry

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Glad to see the Voice Overs got fixed...again.

What is up with all the vioce over bugs on PS4?

Heart of Deimos had that Corrupted Dialogue bug that unfortunately robbed myself, my coworkers, & a few girl friends the joy of enjoying the story. As it got patched after we flailed through the quest. (Only to learn the quest isn't repeatable.)

For Nights of Naberus to experience this same issue. Means there must be some hidden issue in the code or development process.

Please don't mistake my post as being salty. (I am upset that I have NO clue what is going on on Deimos, what the heart is, and etc.) But I'm more concerned that these dialogue issues keep slipping through. Rather see the issue get addressed in the long term.

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