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3D Warframe



I just recently (30 minutes ago) updated my Win 8 to Win 8.1 and suddenly Warframe and other games became 3D mode.  My eyes kinda hurt the moment I saw it but then began to think of getting 3D glasses or something to enjoy this feature.  Although the main concern now is how to disable it?  It currently looks like this though





My video card is Nvidia GeForce 9400 GT.  Thanks in advance if someone knows how to disable it.




EDIT UPDATE:  Fixed it by disabling the 3D Stereoscopic feature in the Nvideo Control Panel after reading about it in another forum  :)

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1. Go into 'Programs and Features'(Can also be found by typing uninstall in search in the charms of windows 8).

2. Locate Nvidia 3d Vision Drivers and uninstall them. (There should be 2, a regular Nvidia 3d Vision driver and a 3d Vision controller.) 

These are seperate from your actual Nvidia GeForce drivers and should allow you to play your game normally with no issues after the uninstall.

Hopefully this will help. 

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