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Cambion Drift falling through map; /unstuck didn't worked


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1) I used Mirage prime not Umbra so it shouldn't be the Umbra bug;

2) I spawned my necramech since i just got it;

3) While the necramech is on the field and deployed i spammed the archwing launcher which i couldn't get in because the necramech is deployed thus you can't deploy your archwing (i don't like this);

4) I summoned my K-drive (it had the white velocipod deimos skin) with an obstacle in front of me (a branck of those trees? idk it was an obstacle) and it just pushed me under map and my k-drive repeatedly kept falling through the map... it was like i was playing portal (one portal on top one portal on bottom... it kept getting faster);

5) After this i summoned my archwing and it worked but i was on the K-drive and in the archwing at the same time (since there were points for k-drive to collect) and i could just go through textures (there's a video but it only shows the "going through textures").

When this bug happens you can ONLY use your archwing so you won't fall through textures. I tried going back to the necramech but it wouldn't let me.


At the end when it said mission completed it kept falling but a fast travel helped with that.

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