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Please remove the Latrox Une bounty stage, at least temporarily!


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As detailed in many posts on this forum, this stage has been broken for quite awhile.

Whether its the low enemy spawn rates (especially for a Steel Path mission), the really low ratio of kills versus samples collected, or the near impossibility of getting the bonus because the drone is made of paper, this stage is very broken at the moment.  Enough players are aware of how broken it is, that every time this stage comes up as the first or second one of a bounty, that bounty becomes nearly un-completable, because of the number of people aborting the mission as soon as they realize which stage they've stumbled into.

If you can't/won't fix it, can you at least remove it from the rotation of possible stages, at least until the end of the otherwise spiffy "Nights of Naberus" event?

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