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Missing fishing UI icon glitch... Black box death to fishing glitch.


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I have had this problem before on the plains. It was one of the reasons I previously stepped away from the game. When you select a fishing spear the icons in the UI are gone leaving a black box. When holding the key that should pop up the selector box to equip another spear, bait, or Dye it brings up the gear selection menu instead. The spear is equipped though, you can aim and release the default spear from the Gear Menu. But you will not go to the cutscene where it shows you holding a caught fish... You also get no credit for that fish... 

I have searched, there is no posting for this in this forum. I also seen no quick fixes... Yes I used the "/unstuck" option. Which seems to be the equivalent of "Have you turned it off and on again?" It seems something is wrong in the code that engages the fishing mode. At the moment it is crippling because it locks a player out of a resource gathering activity... Resources that are used to construct many of the open world items. 

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