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Event Rewards For Helping Both Factions?



Let's say I have 40 grineer points and 60 corpus points.


Will I get the tier 3 rewards as supporting corpus more? Or do I need a 100 with only one of the factions?


I would really appreciate if someone could answer me this question.

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The way i read it you will need 100 missions for Tier 3, regardless of who you support. If you back the winner (ie have done more missions for them) you get the full reward, if not you get the Blueprint only. I don't know how it works for T 1/2 rewards as the specific notes in the post only state it for T3

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You will need to commit to a side to earn this Battle Pay by completing 5 missions to prove your support. If you switch sides, you will erode your rating with the opposition and risk not getting either reward.


You again. As people have said this only affect the Battle Pay, not the overall result.


@OP I'm not sure bout that but i hope so cause my plan is similar to it.

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