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Forgotten Legion recruitment (Xbox one)


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Forgotten Legion is a warframe clan that I made a long time ago that was pretty much me and some friends, we have most the research done and would like to see this clan grow. The one and only rule we have for Forgotten Legion is give respect to your fellow clan members. We do not care about activity, everyone has a life and games they want to play other than warframe and we get that so, so long as you make the time that you are on matter then we are happy. Please make sure to Contribute to any clan tasks/builds in the dojo that way we can level up and have everything for all of our members. Right now I will be doing a 100P giveaway once we hit 25 members so make sure to join now, if you join and dont win dont worry I plan on doing more in the future! To join please message me.

Gamertag: ISinfulReaperI

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