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The energy waves from Excalibur's Exalted Blade are not correctly affected by the damage multipliers on different combos


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By "damage multipliers on combos," I mean the damage bonuses that you get on different hits within a melee combo. For example, the first hit of the Cutting Poise combo in the Exalted Blade stance is supposed to deal 3x damage. The energy waves DO copy these damage bonuses, but not in the correct way. Instead of the waves using the damage multiplier of the attack that spawned the wave (like it should), it uses the damage multiplier of whatever attack you are currently performing when the wave hits an enemy. If you're not performing any attack when a wave hits, the wave just deals 100% damage.

Example scenario of the bug happening: Stand far away from an enemy while Exalted Blade is active so that the waves have a long travel time. Use the first attack of the Lancing Justice combo (deals 100% damage) to send an energy wave at the enemy. Right before the wave hits, begin using the first attack of the Cutting Poise combo (deals 300% damage). What you'll see is that the first energy wave will copy the 300% damage of Cutting Poise, even though the wave was spawned by Lancing Justice which has a 100% damage multiplier. This is because the wave is copying the damage multiplier of the attack you're performing when the wave hits, instead of the attack that actually spawned the wave. If the attack from Cutting Poise also hits the enemy, it won't deal 300% damage like Cutting Poise does, it will deal 100% damage because you already finished the attack animation by the time the wave lands.

This bug has a 100% reproduction rate and affects gameplay in a very noticeable way

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