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Could we deepen the Kuva Lich and murmur farming? [suggestion]


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I get that (few) kuva weapons are godly and thus they need to be gated. But the murmur-grind is just brutally boring.

I am not asking to reduce number of murmurs requied.

I am not asking to make kuva liches easier (although they are quite simple anyways ekhmMesaekhm)

What I want is for DE to add more ways to obtain murmurs. Giving us more choices. Not forcing us to the same damn boring slog of doing exactly the samey half-sortie missions for several hours. Let us gain murmurs from other sources, so we could progress, albeit slowly.

Here are my suggestions. they aren't perfect, or set in stone. Just sharing how I'd see it being upgraded:

- spy missions (both lich territory and kuva spy) giving agreeable amount of murmurs per each successful hack. Perfect, clean, hacks giving small boost to murmurs

- sabotage caches (both lich territory and kuva exterminate) giving agreeable amount of murmurs per each cache

- high level grineer/kuva missions rarely spawning minibosses (think infested juggernaut level of miniboss) that we can also execute for murmurs

- high level grineer/kuva/lich territory capture missions - Obviously, we try to get the target cause he knows something so.. he could share us some... murmurs... Right?

- lich territory mercy-executing normal mobs giving us small doses of murmur (say 1/4th of a murmur maybe?) 

- POE bounties integrating murmurs (capture/kill target/hold the zone)


Have in mind all of my suggestions fit thematically. Kuva folks should know murmurs about the thing they created. Valuable targets (capture) having informations(murmurs) on kuva liches or stored in data banks (spy) also fits. Random foot soldiers would also hear about some stories about kuva liches.


Other thing is actually spawning a lich. Okay, it's nowhere near as fun-sucking bad as farming murmurs, but by the time you finally have them all and what's left is trying new parazon combination to kill your lich.... They tend to not show up.  Yes, I know about their rage meter, but that's still RNG and sometimes your Lich is really good at anger management and doesn't show up even when he should long ago.

Could we get some simple way of actually summoning them? Like for example doing something that pisses our short-lived nemesis to the point of showing up? For example having one of dragon keys equipped, as in saying "I can kick ur butt with 1 hand tied and dragon hobbled key equipped ya punk". This could also temporarily increase level of lich/mission.


Forcing us to play cat and mouse for 10+ missions is just brutal. Even worse when it turns out your 3-mod combo is in wrong order. So you have to add another 5+ missions.


Finally: Kuva, as material. 200-300 kuva from trying to kill a lich is.......... Sad. Bumping that amount to something less... Sad... Would be nice and would feel fair. Kuva liches aren't as common and they still wouldn't become main kuva farming method even with triple as much kuva. Not saying you should triple it, however. Maybe double it? Sound about fair'ish.

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you should take this to feedback, these are actually good suggestions. Murmur farming does become a bit of a slog, having additional Murmurs for undetected Vault hacks and such would be most welcome. IMO. for the Lich Spawns, I'd love if Liches were tied to Railjack (as they should have been from the start) and once your lich is rank 5, you can then run a special mission where the Lich is guaranteed to be there and you have to infiltrate their ship and confront him/her. could be done even without railjack, just have a special alert-type mission pop up once every hour or so at rank 5, where the lich is a guaranteed spawn. it would save a lot of time, especially when you know your Requiems are correct and in order, but the lich won't appear because they know they won't win this time.  

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General Discussion or Feedback,

Digital Extremes will happily ignore any post about improving the Kuva Lich experience because as stated by [DE]Steve in a dev stream Kuva Liches are exactly where they should be.

An awful lot of the player base disagrees with him, which as far as he seems to be concerned means nothing.

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OP has some pretty good suggestions. The Kuva lich system does need some love. Maybe when they launch the corpus they'll review the whole system.
The thing is that liches could be much more than just a repeating farm. They were supposed to be a true nemesis that takes a while. And while i understand why that went out the window. It boggles the mind why they did the whole system as they have. Liches should be a "stalker" entity that would randomly spawn in ANY mission of it's territory.
There should be better objectives to figure out the murmors other than just killing stuff with a sharp implement. Be it a string of flawless spy missions, a bunch of captures. A specific set of sortie-level missions. That should be the main way. Not the slough. But it's De and Warframe, grind is the only tool in their box, sadly.

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This is something that a lot of the newer parts of the game need, really. Liches are just one of the more obvious examples.

One of the main things that kept me playing early on was how most of the grinding could be done in multiple ways. All the original resources are available on at least two planets, usually with different controlling factions. All the alert rewards came from different randomized missions all over the star chart. Pretty much all mods dropped from at least a couple different enemy types. That sort of thing.

The worst grind at the time was for Warframes, because that meant fighting one single boss over and over. And a lot of the time, you had to do it ten or more times before the final part dropped. But that pales in comparison to Murmur and Requiem farming. Or doing anything in any of the open world areas. Or farming one of the many new super rare mods that only drop from one specific enemy that spawns in one specific place. Or trying to get any of the new weapon blueprints that only drops from one specific enemy in one specific place.

Since DE loves hiding an hour of content behind a two week grind, some actual variety would make it a hek of a lot more bearable. Even if its your favorite thing, if you do it for weeks on end with no variation whatsoever, you'll end up hating it by the end.

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