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Oberon abilities not affected by roar

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I know a lot of people don't play Oberon... But he got one of my umbra formas, and I don't have any regrets.

My concern is that with the helminth system, Roar doesn't increase the healing of his Renewal, and when synergized with Hallowed ground, also doesn't give extra armor with roar active than without it. Empower increases it, so why not roar? Just curious

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3 minutes ago, Alpha__Wolf said:

Empower increases it, so why not roar? Just curious

Read what the abilities do. That should give you the answer.

  • Roar increases damage. Not power strength.
  • Empower increases power strength.
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1 час назад, BahamutKaiser сказал:

Why would you replace an Oberon ability? He's got a solid kit.

Let's get real. 1 is either very situational for the damage part or needs aug for buff part, and mod space is already tight on Oberon. 4 is really expensive for what it does, especially considering the HoT efficiency (as in HP/Energy) actually benefits from Blind Rage, so your build may end up with bad efficiency. And on top of that you can't eat pizzas if you want your buffs to stay on teammates.

Depending on your game plan it makes sense to replace either one of those for something more fitting your specific situation.

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On 2020-10-19 at 5:21 AM, Carnage2K4 said:

Change his 1st with Empowered...
Nothing wrong with 124HP/s  and 622 Armour on a support build.

Yeah this is what I did. It's why I tried Roar cuz I was too lazy to cast empower in between but yeah, that doesn't actually give strength like I thought for some reason. I usually get rid of his 1st ability. 

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