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Any more cool gameplay gimmicks that ain't so shared or known?



Long story short: I've been playing the game for more than 3 years and only recently I discovered trough DIGGING on the internet two gameplay moves mechanics (or whatever I dunno how do call these)

You can roll to get rid of bombs or to not be affected to enemy impace

You can bullet jump when you're near to enemies to knock them down

this one is super cool and I've been spamming this a lot with my wisp cuz I have this mod maxed :v



You can even do a flying kick even though most of the time it is useless lol


Even if these are only two new "movements" that I learned, it really impacted the gameplay, making it more interesting. I wish I could know them since the begging. :/

Is there any more amazing gimmicks and tricks like these that you know, please comment below, I wanna know more of these cool moves and such


Also there was also that cool parry thing right? did they removed it or something?

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17 minutes ago, trunks013 said:

Most tenno not aware of those are often not aware of wall latch too so basically you jump to a wall and aim and you will kinda stick to it for a little while ( something we dont see a lot of people do btw ^.^ )


Oh! and you can backflip out of limbo rift mode ^.^ 

any roll will take you out of being in the rift if its not cataclysm

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Also throw in that you can dodge sideways. Kind of a tangent but if you're using the dragon key that slows you down, it doesn't slow down rolling or bullet jumping so you can still be just as fast as normal if you just use those methods to get around. You can increase parkour velocity on headshots with arcane Consequence as well as that Firewalker mod and the other elemental versions like it. Also if anyone reading this doesn't know, Ivara doesn't break prowl when rolling so that can get you around nearly as fast as sprinting (don't bullet jump though, you used to be able to do that from a stand still but they removed that silently a year ago give or take 6 months).

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