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Suggestion of a singular, minor addition to Void Relic UI

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Obligatory disclaimer:
I think the Void Relic UI is solid as-is. It displays most of the pertinent information a player could need, as well as streamlines access to said information. It (thankfully and rightly so) always has labels on, even when Item Labels are turned off. Again, the Void Relic UI is solid as-is. I am not asking for a rework of the entire Void Relic UI screen, as it is currently fine.
The reason that I feel that such an obligatory disclaimer is necessary, is that I do not want to be a part of the 'players complaining about the Void Relic UI on the forums' group that DE would most certainly reference, if DE decided to rework the Void Relic UI into a worse state. DE's UI reworks tend to functionally worsen the 'reworked' UIs, after all, as we have seen in the recent end-of-mission UI rework, for instance. So, I would say that this disclaimer is warranted.

The suggested addition:
See this dropdown list, right here?


I would ask that 'Vaulted'/'Unvaulted' options be added to the list of sorting options, to sort relics that are currently Vaulted from relics that are currently Unvaulted, or vice versa. That's all.

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