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Naberus Decorations Ideas


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Have you wanted to decorate for Naberus but lack any ideas due to the lack of provided decorations apart from spider webs and dead tree's. Don't want to spend time using Sentient horns and Ribs to try and put a makeshift skeleton up that in the end does not look quite right or you lack the capacity in your room of choice.

Then try out "Natural Vallis Seed pod" and turn that thing upside down and you got a pumpkin. Smashed pumpkins for breaking traditions try the "Natural Vallis Destroyed Fruit".

Need to get some red eyes glaring out of dark spaces look for the "Sentient Light Fixture" pair it with "Sentient Biosmass Feeder (Single)" for some long spindly fingers or spiders legs.

For other glowing red eyes the "Ostia Vasca Kavat Floof" can provide some beady red eyes to stare into your soul.



Hope you found some helpful ideas to help spook up your dojo this October and Happy Naberus.

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Everybody can decorate and the eyes and pumpkins are not to hard to place I just loved the way it turned out and we like adjusting our dojo arrival to the events of the season, maybe this will cause more people to do it. Making it more common. :)

I might need to redo the pumpkin screenshot as they did end up quite dark due to our lighting for that nighttime fog effect.

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