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Unreachable medalion on syndicate sabotage mission


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The medalion spawned out of (reach in the wall) on the reworked corpus ship tile.

Here are some photos showing the location. T couldn't take more screenshots because of the "mission fail" timer.

I forgot i had the hud dissabled for the screenshots so if it doesn't help here's descritpion .

It was T shaped, and on the top of the "T" there was a massive window.





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5 hours ago, -Guardian_Angel- said:

My friend did the Cephalon Suda - Spy mission on this tileset yesterday.
I did the Arbiters of Hexis - Capture on this tileset just now.
We also had this exact same bug.

Hereby I post my 2 screenshots of proof that it is behind the wall.
Top right corner the medaillion

It is behind this wall

It's frustrating . The medalions use spawns of the conteiners and yet in my many runs i did not encounter ONE conteiner, but lost HIGHEST tier medalion and 2 other. Almost everytime I see that tileset I know I will be going wihout a medalion.

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