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I am getting a weird issue with Warframe in Windowed Mode and Chrome/Opera since Window Update 2004.

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Here are some problems i'm starting to get:

  • Chrome/Opera window is getting cut in a half showing the browser window in a side, and warframe in another side overlapping it.
  • Constant screen flicking from Chrome/Opera like if i did some alt-tab really fast between the game and the browsers.
  • When playing a video in youtube the screen entire Chrome/Opera screen disappear and only the video is showing overlapping the game window.

I have a nvidia gtx1050 and i updated the drivers today and i'm getting the same result.

I did some testing using the new and the old renderer, neither worked, i try to test another games (destiny 2, apex, etc), neither of then did reproduce the same problem.

I would like to know if anyone is experiencing the same issues.

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