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Makers Forge - Blacksmith System Concept


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Currently there are Kitgun and Zaw vendors already in the game, but what if there was a certain individual that can bring custom weapons to the next level.

Enter Brokkr, The Master of Makers Forge, and Eitri, Brokkrs Custom-made Assistant.

So what makes Brokkr different than the other vendors? Well besides being able to craft both Kitguns and Zaws in one convenient location, he's also able to supply the Tenno with augmented weapon parts for an additional fee and modify our weapons even further.


  • Each Week, Brokkr will restock his shop with new and unique weapon parts.
    • Strikes, Chambers, and Grips will grant more variety of stat bonuses to the weapon with penalties similar to Links and Loaders that are currently in the game already.
      • Part Resources may vary depending on the Bonus. Ex. One Resource may need more, while another requires less.

Weapon Modification:

  • Reconstruct your Guilded Weapon to its full potential.
    • Kitgun Attachments
      • Sniper Scope - Zoom in for a Headshot
      • Amalgam Scope - Aim to Highlight Targets, even through walls
      • Alternate Firing Mode - Auto, Semi, and Burst
      • Grenade and Micro Missile Launcher - Underbarrel Attachment
      • Special Particle Effects - Explosions, Confetti, Comic Book, etc
      • Trinkets - Floofs, Clan Emblem, and Sigils
      • Boost - Upgrade Weapon Stats similar to the Lich Weapon System
    • Zaw Attachments
      • Elemental Enchantment - Give Your Weapon an Element Bonus
      • Smite (Heavy Blade, Machete, and Hammer) - Aim and Throw your weapon for an AoE Attack then Recall it back while damaging enemies along its path
      • Glaive Mode (Dagger) - Transform Weapon into a Glaive
      • Dual Mode (Staff and Polearm) - Transform Weapon into a Dual Sword
      • Limit Break - Upgrade Weapon Stats similar to the Lich Weapon System


This is a rough concept idea and it may require some tweaks here and there, but I think it could give our weapons customization option for the coming of the New War.

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