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Lack of necramech mechanics customization.

(XBOX)Vamma Takayn

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I love using the necramechs, and I am all for DE making it possible for necramechs to be played on regular mission tile sets. I am really excited about the implementation of transference based items in the game like the necramechs. I am labeling this post as a bug report because there is a key feature with necramechs that I feel is a major over look that makes the necramechs "less comfortable" to use on xbox1.  

The hover mechanic

For starters the hover mechanic in the necramech is bound to the "A" button on the remote. The "A" button must be held after jumping to hover. Instead this mechanic should have been bound to the "LT" (Left Trigger). which is the zoom in mechanic in warframe.

Why is this important?

simply put, a player can hover but not look around making the hover mechanic useless in combat from the air. a player can physically hover, but only if the player intends on moving forward or backwards in a straight line. not be effective in combat, not shoot, and definitely not use any alt fire from the weapons. the player (by default) uses the right thumb for both looking and jumping. like about all other games, (halo, destiny, ect.) have thier hover mechanics attached to the zoom in button as to steady the aim of a player while shooting and its a very nice feature. this feature was killed when the same player appendage (the players right thumb) to look and adjust aim is used to hold the hover mechanic steady. naturally when zooming in the player has to hold the "LT" it only make sense to attach naturally prolonged mechanics to the same player appendage used to steady the aim in combat.

What needs to be changed?

The necramech hover mechanic needs to be defaulted to the "LT" or left trigger button on the gaming remote for console players.

What if players love to hold the "A" button?

a new tab for necramech key bindings should also have been added to the "options" menue under "customize controller". currently there is only "general", "ability menue", "lunaro", "Placement", "frame fighter", "Railjack", and "shawzin". under this menue another tab should be added to include "NECRAMECH".

Closing Thoughts

This Fix will ultimately add a major increase in necramech performance amongst players on console, and will increase player desire to use the necramech. It will also add to the gamers quality of life on console when using the necramech. If this change occurs the console player will be able to finally hover, shoot, zoom, and LOOK at the same time without growing a third arm.

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