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Door Hologram Icons And New-New Dueling Rooms In 10.5: Huzzah


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Some updates to dojos in 10.5 not in the changelog, yet again a patch with undocumented dojo changes, very weird.


All rooms except plain corridors and reactors (I assume reactors are getting them also) now have a holographic icon in front of the doors with a stylized icon to represent what's inside


Clan halls:






Obstacle Course:



Dueling Rooms:


Note the clipping issue above.







Variations on that icon


Zen Gardens:



Dueling rooms got updated again, and imo much improved over the previous version, not sure if the DE guys working on dojo stuff reads my posts or not but they basically implemented most of my suggestions, removed the weird rectangular entrance part that pushed the dueling rooms past square shape which pushed em into adjacent rooms for some dojos.


Most of the pre-baked decorations are gone, at least the most jarring ones, the buddah and fake drums.




The roof still has the same dodgy structure though:



Although it seems harder to get up there, before I could get up there and go into the hole easily, now it's fairly tricky, the ledge around the top of the room seems to be smaller or partially gone.


Zen Gardens also have a wisp of some kind made of 3 particles leaving a trail.


Really like the changes and I'm sure the roof will stop leaking at some point in the future. :)


Elevators would be really nice to get updated as well, hopefully they'll be possible to update in-place like the dueling rooms and not affect the overall layout, having to destroy all but the starting floor to re-build the updated elevators in the place of old ones would be really annoying.

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Gotta hate stealth changes.

The icons are very nice to have (if only they weren't stylized until you can't determine what they mean), but still, having icons doesn't particularily help searching for stuff in a dojo.

Also, the 'zen garden' icon doesn't appear on all gardens for me weirdly.

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They might have missed some variations I guess, I can kinda understand most of the icons zen gardens are mushrooms/trees, labs are a beaker, oracle... looks a bit like an outline of the lotus' head and shoulders?, dueling rooms is a disc with a swirling thing around it, like what you kneel on to challenge other tenno, obstacle course one is the moving pillars, elevator one is a corridor and a elevator carriage somewhat above the floor level either going up or down, clan hall... 3 tenno in one space?

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