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Unable to Use XB1 Controller (I Can't Play the Game Anymore.)


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This is a problem.

Back when I returned from a one-month break on September 13, I came to find out that, on my wireless XB1 controller (with which I use an HDMI-to-micro USB cable (this'll be important later)), the Look function is hyper-sped up and Sprint doesn't work half the time.

Problem 1: Tilting the Right Stick (default Look) a little, most of, and all the way.
Tilting RS in any direction should rotate the camera around the player at the appropriate speed (unknown at the time of posting, considering I came back from a 1-month break at the time).
Instead, tilting RS either right or left a little revolves around the player 3 time every 2 seconds, and tilting it all the way goes 5 times every 1 seconds. Up and down works at the same speed now, making aiming (gunplay and melee) impossible and the game virtually unplayable.

Problem 2: Tilting the Left Stick (default Move) semi-erratically with Sprint active via Toggle.
The player should change direction on a dime while maintaining Sprint.
Instead, going from full tilt to partial tilt and back again somehow toggles Sprint off. Repeating the process turns it on again. The normal toggling of Sprint--clicking the Left Stick down--doesn't work anymore.

Both of these happened constantly when I conducted extensive testing in Orbiter and Captura (which basically amounted to all of an hour before I outright quit), and when I came back a week ago after another break, apparently the only thing that works on my controller now is the "broken" RS.

I did another series of testing to try and troubleshoot:
- different wireless controllers hooked up to the micro USB end of the cable
- different placements of the HDMI end of the cable
- a wired controller with an HDMI plug-in
- resetting my keybindings and settings to Defaults and restoring them manually (in combination with every aforementioned method)

Nothing worked.
Apparently it's the game and/or its controller support that's bugged?

Whatever it is, this is incredibly aggravating and saddening because I love Warframe.
I've grown up with console gaming all my life, and therefore played exclusively with controllers, and this marks my about-2-year anniversary of my migration from the Xbox One version to the PC version with a controller to keep the same flow.
It doesn't feel natural for me to switch to keyboard-and-mouse when I've played games with controllers for so long throughout my life, especially with a game that holds such a special place in my heart.

sincerely hope Digital Extremes takes this serious issue into account, and would be extremely grateful if it is fixed as soon as they are able to, so that I can continue to contribute to the Warframe community.

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