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Chat infinitely loading?


I can't access region, recruiting, or trading chat. The chat is blank as well as the member list. I can still see my own name in clan and alliance, but that's about it. I was still able to match with other players for the sortie and play some missions. Seen this happen before, usually waiting it out will bring everything back to normal. 20 minutes later still nothing so I reset both my router and ps4. 

Now the chat is in an infinite loading loop, pressing L1 or R1 doesn't take me to region, clan, alliance etc. Can't see my own name in squad. 

I read some older posts that this looks like a chat suspension/ban? Which I highly doubt I have done anything that violates any of the rules. And even if so wouldn't the game inform me of a suspension or ban? I don't see any red errors or texts or "failed to connect to the chat server". Did I do something wrong or is warframe just kinda down right now? 


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It happens to me more times than I care to admit. This is on DE to fix. Sometimes opening public games and going into solo mode can boot it back up, sometimes going into your clan page or your friends list can, and sometimes it just happens on it's own. It's a very annoying bug that needs to get noticed by Digital Extremes. 

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