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Ungodly Imbalanced Sides


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Today, I had to quit 3 event missions in a row because a single Grineer roller got stuck in God-mode


and just now, I came into a room with about 10 Grineer Napalms.


DE what the actual fhuck.

I've ran Martialis 6 times already, and have only completed one mission due to these bugs.

There's no decision to be made if you want to win.

I just want my goddamn catalyst.

Fix it :l

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Yeah, napalm spam on martialis is a tad nuts. Had a few occassions where I had to ress my whole team. Had a few occassions where I was one of the floored.


Doable, but without a speed-kill build, it's a nightmare.(Bad way to pick to level up my nekros).

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they always come in a dozen pairs sometimes along with a scorcher and eviscerator with a couple of rollers that staggering you always...


what can a simple crewman will do about it lol 


sorry but i think its been a one sided event from the start, even the rewards... im a corpus supporter coz of the detron gun now ill never going to have it lol

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Team up with more tenno's. Should do the job ;)

Not quite.


2 X Rhino + Mag Prime + Nova made easy work of the majority of the enemy, but facing off against the last Roller that was preventing the mission being completed? No, we couldn't kill it and had to abort.


There is currently no point whatsoever in siding with the Corpus.

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Corpus get the short end of the stick (AKA Prova), as they're terribly outmatched by a rather hilarious strikeforce of Grineer heavy+medium troops, while the Corpus themselves bring only light units and a random Tech that gets staggered and stunned by the first Napalm hit, then obliterated by the follow-up Napalm/Bulletstorm/Flamethrower/Sawblade spam. It's ridiculous.


Behold, Corpus with single-target laser beam and pew-pew MOAs VS an army of dudes that have all some sort of AoE attack (as even getting into melee range will cause the Grineer to execute their impossible-to-avoid groundslam, which they can do even while staggered/slowed/etc. Shockwave MOA needs several seconds to lift its leg for the shockwave to go... obviously dies prior.


And then we got the Grineer Rollers, which Corpus cannot kill because they AIM ABOVE THEM!!


This is so terribly unbalanced, it isn't even funny.

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