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Protea 100% ability strength bug

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1 hour ago, Sypha2 said:

100 % ability strength does not apply for overshield buff ( skill 1 -hold)

Hm, dunno what the issue is on your end, I took an unmodded Protea out for a spin and her 1 gave Overshields just fine.

Do other Configs (more / less Strength) give you Overshields?

Did you by any chance toggle on the "Invert Tap/Hold Abilities" option?

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Strength on Protea's 1 affects initial shields granted on pickup, and shields per second regeneration.

Overshields is a maximum, no matter what you mod, of 1200 points above your modded max Shields. So if you have her base of 300 shields, you will only ever gain up to 1500 Shields total, no matter how much Strength you put on there, and if you have a Redirection on there to give her a base of 1110 Shields, then Overshields will take you up to a total of 2310 Shields.

So, if you're looking at a build for Protea, and you have, say, 200% modded Strength on her, this will grant you 1000 Shields from Shield Satellite's initial pick-up, and then 100 Shields per second until it reaches the maximum Overshields limit.

If you trigger her Passive, the '100% power strength on the next cast' meter, then you will get 1500 Shields from the Shield Satellite initial pick-up, but if that would exceed 1200 Overshields, then you will only max-out your Overshield value.

Considering how fast it is to get back to maximum Overshields, you're better off using the passive 100% Strength boost for your other casts.

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1 hour ago, Sypha2 said:

sorry i was not clear - Proteas passive gives every 4th cast 100% ability strength - this does not apply to overshields ( skill 1 hold)

Well then it's like Birb up there said, Power Strength doesn't affect the Overshield maximum, on any Frame / ability.

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9 hours ago, Sypha2 said:

this does not apply to overshields

If my initial comment didn't answer the question, repeating the same words won't help, please describe the situation you're getting in more detail.

Do you mean:

  1. That you aren't getting more than 1200 Overshields because overshields are capped?
  2. That with 100% bonus Strength, the total number of shields you get from picking up the shield drones does not increase compared to a normal cast?
  3. That the ability, in no way, benefits from her passive and neither the pickup amount or the regen amount change when the passive is active?
  4. That you've misunderstood how the ability gives overshields and need to re-read my explanation from earlier?
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