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Exploiter Orb Glitched into caves outside the arena


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I was mining in the caves leading to the arena, one of my favorite mining spots, and as I loaded into the middle section between the two sets of doors, the exploiter orb appeared inside the cave, clipped into the ceiling, with fully functioning armaments.  It made mining in the area rather awkward, and leaving the area impossible, as some additional glitch seemed to have sealed both the doors leading to the arena and the exterior.  Fortunately, since it was a live loading area, I was able to abort mission and leave the unfortunate situation.  As for the events leading to the incident, there were two host migrations as I was running around the vallis, and a third when I left the squad to go deeper into the cave to go mining.  I've a screenshot of the incident, but I'm unable to post it into this discussion, because it's saved on my computer, not a url, but I can provide it if needed.

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