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[INT] [CLAN] haHAA Tribe is recruiting! [PC] [NSW]

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128_final.png  haHAA Tribe clan is currently recruiting English-speaking players, both new and veteran!
We are a "family friendly" community for casual gamers, with an active Discord. Looking for friendly players who are willing to learn/help out!
If you have any questions, feel free to message me ( @Syrethyst ) on the forum~

[PC] = R10 STORM clan, with a Dry Dock, almost full dojo research (aside from 4 pigments/ignis wraith/solar rails).
Leader: Syrethyst
Recruiters: Timmym5, Dulaguri (Contact us in-game)

[NSW] = New SHADOW clan, with a Dry Dock, about 50% research complete. (Contact us in-game)
Leader: Damon-0
Recruiters: Warzkull in-game!

Some of our hobbies include, but not limited to:
-Farming XP/frames/materials etc
-Sitting and chatting with each other.
-Goofing around in Captura/Dojo
-Decorating the Dojo
-Doing random giveaways/contests
-Hanging out on Discord (movie streams too!)

If you are a [PC] clan looking for an small alliance, feel free to message me as well!

A little background on our clan ^.^
We were founded on 15/02/2018 (in a different game) and over the past 2 years, grew to be a community with 350+ members. (that game had no updates, so we had to get creative with events and stuff ;) ) After dabbling in a bit of WF back in early 2019, we finally created our Warframe clan on 04/09/2019! Currently, we are still going strong in both games and also play a bunch of other games together <3
(no, we are not related to the meme)

Also I'm not sure why the text looks bigger than usual...
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