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Livestream Schedule: October 26 - 30

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7 hours ago, [DE]Helen said:

Basmu Blueprint

I appreciate you guys wanted to give this for people who missed out on Scarlet Spear, but I'd dare say it would feel better if this one wasn't RNG based.

Other than that, thanks for the goodies as always :3

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The trick or treat idea is nice, but with something pretty valuable at stake, i think rng will only breed disappointment.

WHAT IF... just what if, you set the drops to certain time. Say, first 20 minutes gets item A. Minute 21 to 40 gets item B. And so on. So people who tuned in early will actually get rewarded.

Just saiyan.

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17 hours ago, (NSW)Cion said:

I've been wondering about this for a while but why do you guys stream on morning (7am pt/10am et) for Wednesdays?

I had never been able to watch the Wednesday streams live due to work. Why not put the Switch streams on an afternoon like the rest?

It's a theme they have going (Xbox One at 1, Nintendo at 10, PS4 at 4). Only the Thursday and Dev stream ones don't have the time theme.

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On 2020-10-23 at 11:47 AM, [DE]Helen said:


Tune into our working from home community streams to hang out with the team and enjoy some casual Warframe gameplay!

In lieu of our traditional streams, members of the Community Team are broadcasting from their homes during our regularly scheduled times. Stop by and catch up with us and other Tenno!

Trick-or-Treat! This week, watch to receive a Twitch Drops every 20 minutes. You have an equal chance to receive each item!


  • Starburst Fireworks
  • Kuva Globule
  • Neuroptic Mass Decoration
  • Argon Crystal


  • Basmu Blueprint
  • Trick or Ballas Glyph
  • Dax Portrait
  • Forma Blueprint

This week’s Drops invite you to trick-or-treat around our community streams. Happy Naberus, Tenno!

Reminder: Make sure your Twitch and Warframe accounts are linked!

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If you're having trouble, please unlink and relink your Twitch and Warframe accounts. First, make sure you're logged into warframe.com & twitch.tv with the correct accounts you want linked. Then visit warframe.com/user and under "User Information", check your Twitch Sync field. Refresh the link by choosing "Click here to unlink" and then choosing "Click here to link".

Those who have not linked their accounts before can do so here

Join us at twitch.tv/warframe for the following:


Nintendo Switch Tenno who want to watch from their portable console can do so by installing the YouTube app for free at the Nintendo eShop. Head to the Warframe YouTube channel when we're live to tune in!

So does that mean that I can watch any Official Warframe stream partner for a chance to win any and all of those rewards?

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