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Umbra x Necramech x Operator bug

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What happend?

I left necramech to operator form, but I got into Excalibur Umbra and its passive was still active and I couldn't leave and move even through command /unstuck.

How it probably happend?

I left Umbra into operator then to necramech (so the passive of Umbra is still on) and some time later I left necramech close to Umbra and merge into it whithout going through operator.



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If you transfer straight from Umbra into the necramech, it leaves the frame there and doesn't spawn the specter.  You're safe to transfer back when this happens.

If you transfer from Umbra into Operator, it spawns the Umbra specter.  Then transferring from operator to necramech, then from mech straight into the umbra specter, you get stuck in the infinite falling/glitching thing.  It's probably epilepsy-inducing.  I've also found that certain directional keys still control the umbra somewhat when you're stuck like this.

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