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Simple balancing idea to help Hydroid's gameplay


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Welcome to my feedback topic on Hydroid and his kit. First of all, I would like to say that I will not suggest stuff that needs big ressources or new assets. Just balancing. Secondly, I truely respect the work of Digital Extremes. Don't take my comments in the wrong way please. 

The quick fix: Buff base speed of Hydroid's puddle (his 3). Too slow to justify using it over Nidus Larva for example. 

The long fix: Augment mod for speed on Hydroid's 3. If possible, make stat scale off Duration. 


Since I got my Hydroid Prime I rarely used his 3. I wasn't surprised to find that a lot of people do the same. But the ability is cool as hell, it looks good already. But Hydroid's puddle has a massive downside: the speed. Since the ability wasn't letting people move back in the days, we didn't think it could be more than that. Slowly sliding the puddle to reach ennemies isn't as effective for crowd control as some other frames like Limbo or Nidus, even though Hydroid's movement is slowed down during his ability. Seeing what the skill actually does, I am more than certain a speed buff would greatly affect Hydroid's overall gameplay in a good way. The speed of the puddle could be a stat scaling off Power or Duration, or just be a flat number increase. The skill restricting the movement to on-floor only, it is already a big enough downside in my opinion. It could also be tied to an augment. 

Thanks for reading me, I will be happy to answer your feedback to my feedback on this feedback thread. 

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Puddle should deal finisher damage,, you drown ennemie so no matter what armor shouldn't reduce this ability efficiency why this ability deal impact damage ? the lack of air/O2 smack lungs or what ? instead of killing them because lungs' O2 capacity don't scale with level as far as I know

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Why keep the ability in the first place? Because can't I think of any reason why it should be kept... at all. It's just a worse version of Grendel at this point and a boring AFK ability. 

9 hours ago, TheGodofWiFi said:

Hydroid needs way more than a "simple balancing idea" to fix him. Making his puddle even more of an AFK ability certainly does not make him better.

He needs a full rework.

This ^
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The quick issues with Hydroid:


His 1 is pretty useless with the changes to corrosive procs. Damage from this ability isn't really very good for most content (like most damage abilities it needs scaling to be useful across the board).

His 2 is just pointless. It made sense when warframe was a slower game but movement abilities like this are useless. Only really useful if you're in puddle form.

His 3 is very interesting but has some major QOL issues. Sucks vs anything that affects energy regen or ability functionality. Generally promotes an AFK gameplay style which DE have stated multiple times is not in line with their expectations for how people play the game.

His 4 scales poorly and is just generally boring. With the introduction of its charge mechanic the ability has become clunky. Tentacles are certainly interesting but their CC is somewhat disruptive to general gameplay (flipping enemies around is a consistent annoyance across all frames that do this). Tentacles should reach out and grab targets then hold them in place causing damage. OR they should cause extra flail damage based on the armor value of grabbed enemies (to help with scaling).

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