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"The Most Underrated Multiplayer in a Decade | Mass Effect 3 MP" - Video Discussion


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This video poped up on my YT feed, and I immediately clicked on it. My first though was "I remember how hard Platinum Difficulty was, and how each mission had a 50% chance to fail. Also dat biotic detonation sound effect. Mmmmm".

Its a pretty long video, but to summarize the parts I cared about the most, how much complexity all the enemies had with their skills and abilities, as well as the challenges involved in each mission type (rounds in this case).

Failure was a real possibility in this game.

Many hours of easy is just a chore, but a FUN CHALLENGE? Sign me up!

Anyway, enjoy!

Better crack open a cold one and take your time watching it ^^



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2 hours ago, (PS4)ChaosTheNerd said:

the post was moved to off topic after i made the comment

And I'm supposed to know that how? Your post doesn't direct them to the appropriate subforum (thereby indicating it's in the wrong place), moderators rarely add a post indicating thread movement and honestly I would also hope that upon the thread being moved a post about it's current placement would be hidden.

Half measures all around.

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It's off topic. Enough. 

Anyway, I'd be inclined to agree. It was easily the best part of ME3, which was actually saying something. It was also bug-ridden, viciously difficult, and hella fun. It was superior to its successor in ME:A, which wasn't too bad its own self. 

Sadly, I don't think we're going to see a reprise with whatever EA calls the remastered trilogy, which is a damned shame and a missed opportunity. 

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