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Revenant with Nyx's Mind Control: One slightly less useless and way more finnicky thrall


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I put Nyx's Mind Control in place of Revenant's 4th ability, and slapped on the Mind Freak augment.

Hitting one of your thralls with radiation and then Mind Controlling it will cause all other thralls to attack it, while you also pump it with damage.  Once the damage absorption phase is over, you'll easily have 1500+ bonus damage on that thrall.  Assuming it's a strong unit, this thrall can actually kill enemies for once.

However, deactivating Mind Control early can sometimes leave it enthralled and unable to take any damage, reaving or otherwise, for an unclear amount of time, before it becomes hittable again.  Mind-controlling a Kuva Lich's Thrall while hitting it with a finisher will count as a kill and roll their droptable, but it leaves it alive and sucks the AI from its body, leaving it allied and in a walking animation, unable to die.

The usual issues with enthralled/mind-controlled enemies also still stand: ally specters spawned by thralls STILL randomly lock defense mission waves.  Primary Thralls and Secondary Thralls are indistinguishable, so it's a gamble whether they'll spawn an energy pillar since you can't tell the difference. (having one invulnerable mind-controlled thrall that you KNOW is a primary thrall helps slightly, but it's still an issue)

I enjoy this synergy, it's not insanely overpowered, but it lets me keep a thrall when there are nuke-frames on the squad.

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