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So when is Tennogen R19 Part II arriving?


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11 minutes ago, Daziri said:

does it have ETA?

there is no ETA afaik, but

we should see it in the next major udpate after the next devstream, probably mid-late november since they are planning to post dev workshop early november if everything works as they want 

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On 2020-10-25 at 8:21 AM, (PS4)robotwars7 said:

probably in your next m,ajor update.

meanwhile us console peasants are waiting on round 1, which I hope comes with Nezha Prime, but doesn't seem likely. I really want that Hildryn Skin..

Lol we are waiting on tennogen round 15 and up.  At least some stuff. I realize we don't get every single thing.  But we are still missing a number of skins i would buy.

Round 19 my must have skin is khora, titania helm, hyldryn, and some of the sick syandanas.

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