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Magical Lost Shields


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I was doing the corpus version of Martialis. My team took a lot of fire damage from bombadiers and napalms. I died a bunch. I got ressed a bunch.


With most of the mission left, I realized part of the problem was that I no longer had any shields. I was at 0 shields, and stayed at 0 shields until extraction.


Some screenies of me at 0 shields:

When I saw it:


A short while later:


At extraction, everyone's dead, and I still have no shields!:



I'm not sure *why* they went away, but, it happened in war, so it's worth noting. If I had to guess, I'd think it has something to do with maybe having my shields depleted while being boosted by a shield osprey, who then died. Not 100% sure, but that would make sense in the context of the mission, and with what general game play was like that battle.

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