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Orb Vallis open world completely unplayable Crashes.

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problem: the Orb Vallis open world crashes so often, the boss fights and endless survivals in the toroid sectors don't make it more than 30 seconds into the mission before the entire game crashes, taking the player back to the xbox home menue with warframe closed and has to be relaunched.

what should happen: players should be able to farm, fish, travel to toroid zones and play multiple bounties with out hard crashes to the Xbox home screen.

The problem occurs on public, private, and solo. we have seen consistent rates of crashing. when the crash occurs all resources gained up to this point are lost. play time is short so not many resources are gained, but full squads increase the rate at which the crashes occur, and decrease the over all play time in orb vallis. this makes the exploiter orb particularly annoying when you wish to play with a select squad, as often it crashes in the second part of the orb fight, crashes often happen consecutively back to back. we ran 7 consecutive missions that resulted in crashes back to the xbox home screen, before finally surviving more than 30seconds in the open world. please fix.

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They cannot fix it, because they don't know what causes the problem. Meanwhile we get a lot of S#&$ content, like skins to win the next fashion frame contest. Or buying some forma to level all nechramecs, weapons, etc.This will take a while....

1 year later you get a hotfix solving Fortuna crashing problems, but they won't tell about that issues in the Bugfix report, because they'll feel ashamed of it. Remember the xbox live logout bug ! Some day the problem was gone. Misteriously....

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